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Founded in 2019, we’re proud to be the first alpaca farm in the Rio Grande Valley and surrounding areas. After a trip to Peru, and an encounter with these majestic animals, we knew we needed some of our own. Starting with only 7, our herd has now grown to over 50 alpacas. Our community quickly fell in love with our alpacas, and we began to host tours, events, field trips and more. Come by for an experience of a lifetime at Alpaquita Ranch!


Our mission at Alpaquita Ranch is a twofold. At Alpaquita Ranch we carefully raise, breed and care for Huacaya & Suri Alpacas. We strive to have healthy and happy animals above all.

Secondly, we provide a local interactive alpaca farm for residents in the Rio Grande Valley and surrounding areas to be able to visit, explore, create memories & more. Although our interactive tours are most popular, our farm also serves as a beautiful event venue where families & friends can congregate & celebrate. Lastly, as a family of educators, we continue to give back by having students from all over the RGV visit & experience our interactive educational field trips.

Our farm is exactly what you, your family, & friends need to enjoy a great day outdoors. To learn more about our responsible farming techniques, activities, and products, please get in touch.

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